Friday, September 13 Fitness Goals for Diving Update

Gurl, WHAT? FITNESS GOALS UPDATE: sorry, gang, for not updating while in Curaçao on fitness. As most of you know, since I did my first dive in Curacao back in June, I realized I wanted to get into much better shape to improve my efficiency in the water.  That led me on a fitness journey over the past two months of working out 6 days a week, doing both weight lifting and cardio.  And eating lots of raw fruits of veggies and cutting out carbs and down to nearly no alcohol.

So, back to the update since my recent return from Curacao a week ago.  I lost weight and gained muscle.  Somehow, despite a few nights of overindulging in gin and stroopwafles, I still lost 2 pounds while I was there. How? a lot of diving, I worked out at the hotel gym a few times, a lot of swimming, and maybe a couple other activities I won’t detail here. All that is to say, I am still right on track for my fitness goals. AND – the main thing was that after 2 months of working out, I got OW with 4-6 pounds less weight in my BCD (thank you to my wonderful dive instructor there for ALL that pain-in-the-ass adjustment) and I felt so much stronger in the water than before. And after all, better diving is what kicked all of this off. My head and heart are still in Curaçao (from the 1st day I ever visited). BUT MY ASS IS IN RALEIGH – and I gotta get back in the gym hard. #nevergiveup #divinggoals #ilovecuracao Because I have a lot more diving to do and I aim to use nearly no air 

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