Hushpuppies gotta be free

Only my fellow Southerners will appreciate why my statement caused such shock and outrage by my fellow Southern co-workers yesterday. I was telling them about a new seafood joint I recently tried:

Angela: the fried shrimp were good, but Y’AWL, they were charging for hushpuppies. Called them an APPETIZER.”

My Southern colleagues looked stricken, incredulous.

Southern coworker 1: whaaaaa!?!? Nuhuh

SC2: Girl, you lyin’ STOP

SC3: Woman, stop playin’

SC1: are they crazy?!

The non-Southerners were confused by the ire my comment roused.

Non-Southern coworker: Why are you guys so mad? What’s the big deal?

SC1: Fool, hushpuppies come to the table as soon as you sit down. In a big red plastic basket. Hot. With butter and ketchup and hot sauce on the side. AND FREE and all you want. Like iced tea refills.”

All the other Southerners crossed their arms and nodded in grim agreement.

Folks, free hushpuppies in a plastic basket matter down here.

And I won’t even tell you what hell broke loose when one non-Southerner said he puts Velveeta in his grits.

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