Online dating and men who like spaghetti

So, in guys’ online dating profiles, I always laugh a bit when fellas write, “I like the mountains and the desert and the beach.” What the hell else is there to like? Small hills? Slightly sloping plains? The Piedmont?

Or the other amusing detail – “I like Italian food and Mexican food.” I mean, who the fuck DOESN’T like spaghetti and tacos?? Or, “I like movies and tv shows.” Fascinating, dude, fascinating. At least tell me that your favorite movie is “Need for Speed” and then I can weed you out with confidence.  Another instant turnoff for all women I know is when a fella lists his university as “the school of hard knocks.”  Or, “Ladies, I work hard and play hard” – usually guys with wrap around sunglasses and hats on backwards like to toss that little vignette into the profile mix. 

I am, however, okay with the generic proclamation, “I have tattoos.” We can sort the quality of those out later. Which begs the question, could you date someone with REALLY bad tattoos who doesn’t even recognize they are of poor and dubious quality?

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