Curacao or…Florida?

6 a.m. Having breakfast at the Cracker Barrel next to my hotel. The restaurant is empty. The music is a bit too loud for breakfast time – Elvis is singing Christmas songs. And I am mulling over my next stop on this Florida scouting mission. Heading to the Florida Keys today. As you know from previous posts, I am checking out all the coastal areas of Florida to see if I might want to move here. I want a slower place, relaxed lifestyle and warm, clear waters for diving and swimming. The US Virgin Islands and Curaçao have that. But, the logistics of moving to the Caribbean are so damn daunting. So I thought, okay, at least check out Florida first because it would be easier to move there and continue in my career.

So – verdict so far? As for the east coast of Florida – definitely not for me. The east coast beaches, just like in NC, are no good for swimming. What I love about the Caribbean is being able to swim and snorkel from shore anytime I want. And the Atlantic just ain’t the place to do that. The water is too rough and it is too murky. As you can see below, Tater at least enjoyed the view. Even as far south as Miami. And it is just too crowded and hectic. Though, I love the diversity and melting pot of Latin American culture. Been to Miami many times and love to visit. But, the ocean here does not cut it for me. So, strike the east coast off the list. And I gotta admit, my thoughts keep drifting back to Curaçao. Dammit, universe.

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