Where the action is in Florida

Well, I found out that the meetin’ place in a small town on Florida’s east coast is at ye’ ole’ Walmart. (See previous posts – I am traveling Florida’s coasts and the Keys to see if I might want to live in Florida – I gotta see how the diving is in all of these places.). I ran in to get a phone charger at about 9 a.m, thinking it would be slow and quiet. Wrong. The store was abuzz with lively retirees donning culottes and Tevas and all chit-chatting in the aisles with one another. And they were eagerly throwing Christmas decorations into their carts, marveling over the high prices of nearly every item. I nearly didn’t get out of there – an 80-some year old woman from Virginia quizzed me on where I was from and then proceeded to tell me the life story of all of her wayward grandchildren. I will say, I enjoyed the stories because she doesn’t seem to find much good in any of them and it sounds like she’s happy they all live in the D.C. area and away from her. I did finally manage to buy a phone charger and rushed out of there before any more retirees got ahold of me. I gotta say, strolling out into the balmy heat and listening to swaying palm trees, well, Florida is looking pretty good to me. Oh, and I stopped to smell the lovely fragrant roses in a nearby coastal botanical park. Glorious! Roses in November. Yes.

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