Reflecting on diving in the Florida Keys, getting AOW, and where to dive next

Okay, gang, scuba diving reconnaissance mission in southern Florida complete. Drove 12 hours to get home yesterday. No turkey for me n’ Tater. Writing up my thoughts on the diving down there, reflecting on getting Advanced Open Water certified, the service & business of diving. I will say, I have crossed off the Keys for moving there. I’ll tell you why in the blog. And why Curaçao is still top of my list. And why I now know I gotta move somewhere with great shore diving. Next up for diving? Bonaire trip booked and I am heading out to dive in St. Croix and in Indonesia. If you want to catch up on my new diver adventures, go to the blog. So far the “Sex With Your Dive Instructor” post has been the most popular. I love you perverts and salt water freaks ❤️❤️❤️

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