About the editor and author

First of all, I am a writer. Above all else. Those of you who have known me for many years know that every conversation, interaction, fuck, hug, journey, adventure, discussion, fiddle, fornication, dive, concert, kiss, and so forth I engage in ultimately gets written down somewhere. Not always exactly as it happened, but always swallowed up and redistributed elsewhere in my imagination and onto the (cyber) page.

I am new to the diving world.  I started back April 2019, thinking I would breeze through my PADI Open Water certification.  Alas, that is not how the whole escapade went down. Now, finally having completed this certification, I marvel at the intensity of my initial panic.  But I won’t get too confident just yet – so much more to learn, so many more certifications to achieve, so much ocean to cover.
For over two years I have been planning to move the Caribbean.  I have chosen Curacao as my rock for myriad reasons you will learn about over time.  So many logistics to consider…should I sell my house or rent it out while I am away, how will I work and earn money there, what are the immigration requirements, what about health insurance, what about my car, what about my dog, what about my career, should I move there now or just buy an investment property, and on and on.
This blog is about my adventures, as an American woman from the South, learning to dive, being single, the pursuit of joy and passion, and moving to Curacao. I will use this blog to retrace the languid luxurious days of my past and ponder that kaleidoscopic future I dream of daily. Some of you are interested in only the sex parts. Some the diving. Some on how to move to a Caribbean island. And some of you…well, only you know why you are here. Why are you here? Admit your reasons only to yourself. Or to me, if you care to. I never name names, darling. Bad juju.


  • I bet I know now of your secrets than you think I know.


  • I really enjoyed the article. I’m not originally from here but I use to come down here every year from New York to visit my grandmother. I’ve been down her since I was 14 off and on. I’m still living here now trying to get life in some kind of order. I discovered that living here in Washington county hasn’t been easy but you have to figure out to survive some kind of way. I moved away a few times and found myself coming back. Why? I don’t know. It’s really crazy around here now with this generation that don’t care about nothing but selling drugs or robing from our older folk. It bothers me when I see kids that use tone on my school bus on the corner on Wilson street. I’m trying so hard to keep my godson in line now, keeping fear in his heart so he won’t be one of the ones on that known corner of plymouth. But you keep doing what you doing!

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  • Hey girl! I love what you’re doing here. You should address how shapewear is always modeled by size 2s. I know they look great in it, but what’s my fat ass going to look like stuffed into that thing?? Also, Torrid is a good plus size online store that is good for basics (some of the stuff is young/cheap looking). And Hips and Curves is the BEST online plus size lingerie retailer. Keep it up, and cheers!


    • Ha! Ashley – so true. The incongruity is often hilarious for us gals trying to squeeze into the Spanx. Definitely will put the shapewear issue on my topics list. I didn’t know about Hips and Curves but will give that a review and, if doesn’t feature outrageous feather boas that would enhance fatness to tragi-comic proportions, then it will go on the referral list :). Thanks so much for your input – I truly believe there’s a real need to address the truth of being overweight and how to dress beyond all that simple unrealistic bulls*** mantra of, “Hey Big Girl! Feel Good! Celebrate your body in bright colors and stretchy fabrics!” It’s not that simple.


  • Keep up the good work!!! Enjoying the writing!


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