About this blog

I created this blog to document my budding relationship with scuba diving.  When I waltzed in to my local dive shop in April 2019 to sign up for PADI’s Open Water certification, little did I know how difficult the journey would be for me.  I also did not know then that walking into that shop was going to change the course of my life in unimaginable ways.  But first about the panic attacks.

When I signed up for OW, I thought, “Hey, I am an avid snorkeler and diver, this will be SO easy.”
I figured going under water to swim with sea turtles would be a piece of cake for me.But this was not the case. From my first pool dive, I experienced anxiety and panic at maximum level.  After every pool session, the thought of diving stressed me out to the point I could not sleep, eat, or think of anything else.  And this stress cascaded when I agonized over my feelings of defeat for something I wanted so very badly.  But I kept at diving, getting in our dank, dark quarry here in North Carolina.  And even signing up to join my dive shop on a trip to Curacao.  A trip that changed my life.  For a few years up until this trip, I’d been dreaming of moving to the Caribbean but could not settle on a specific island.

From the moment I landed in Curacao, I knew that this rock was my soul mate island.  It isn’t lush or plush or all that green, it’s gritty and grungy in so many parts, the mark of the oil industry is everywhere.  And there is a bloody history of slavery here that stains the land.  But there is pride and resilience here, a natural and existential beauty that cannot be marred or muted.  And when I discovered that it is quite easy for Americans to move to Curacao, I knew I found my home.  And it was in Curacao that I finally overcame my diving anxiety and received both my Scuba and Open Water certification.

So this blog will document the ups and downs of figuring out HOW to move in the smartest, most thoughtful way possible to this island.  And I know that many people have the same dream and are looking for advice on how to do the same.

I am also using this blog to chart my dating life as I transition to being an island woman addicted to diving.  As a single woman hoping to make meaningful connections, I have so many wild and crazy stories and revelations related to sex and love…all to share with you, dear reader.  Mainly for my own catharsis and to figure out what the fuck I am thinking but also because I love to entertain folks.  And because my soul demands that I write about all of the highs and lows of trying to get by on this planet with my soul and spirit intact.

Let’s do this.  Let’s go diving, literally and figuratively!

The writer’s job is to get naked!
To hide nothing.
To look away from nothing.
To look at it.
To not blink.
To be not embarrassed or ashamed of it.
Strip it down and let’s get down to where the blood is, the bone is.
Instead of hiding it with clothes and all kinds of other stuff, luxury!


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